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EPC Planners

EPC Planners utilizes a revolutionary new approach to staffing, which results in a fast and easy process for Hiring Managers. 

Until now, gaining an accurate understanding of a Project Controls professional's capabilities during the interview process has been a difficult task for many Hiring Managers. Other staffing companies and in-house talent acquisition groups simply do not have the technical understanding of Project Controls to help bring the right candidates to the right job opportunities. They rely on providing as many candidates as possible, resulting in a long and challenging process for Hiring Managers. The typical candidate search requires Hiring Managers having to sort through countless resumes, narrowing down their own search to a first round of interviews to figure out who the true candidates are, then more rounds of interviews to identify the right qualified candidates. This approach to hiring results in a months long search, and still requires a leap of faith by the Hiring Manager, hoping everything a candidate says in their interviews is true. 

EPC Planners makes this process fast and easy by having experienced Project Controls experts perform the vetting of candidates before bringing them to Hiring Managers. This ensures that the Hiring Manager’s time is spent only interviewing candidates with the experience and skill set needed for the job. Once EPC Planners gains an understand of the job opportunity’s role and responsibilities, we provide a shortlist of qualified candidates who are qualified and interested in the position within 24-48 hours.  

Companies contact EPC Planners to find the right Project Controls talent.

Project Controls professionals contact EPC Planners to have the right opportunity brought to them.  

This new approach to staffing Project Controls talent results in the right opportunities being brought to the right, deserving candidates.