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EPC Planners is a specialty staffing company for Project Controls Experts by Project Controls Experts.


We test and interview experienced Project Controls experts, understand their skill set and career goals, then match them with companies looking to provide the specific opportunity that is right for them.


Our experience as Project Controls experts allows EPC Planners to understand technical needs and competencies, resulting in matching the right people to the right opportunity.


Meet Miles Aucoin, Owner & Founder 

Miles Aucoin is the Owner and Founder of EPC Planners. Prior to launching EPC Planners Miles was a Global Director of Project Controls at Jacobs Engineering, and he continues to teach in the Construction Management Program at University of Houston. Throughout his career, Miles has developed an expert understanding of Project Execution for both Home Office Engineering and Construction. Miles' unique approach to Management is one centered on understanding the person behind the professional. This is accomplished by understanding employee's individual motivating factors, then putting them in a position to achieve their goals by working successfully within an organization's framework.  

Miles founded EPC Planners to understand local job markets around the world, the skill and competency of Project Controls experts in those markets, then match the right opportunities to the most deserving candidates. Bringing the right opportunities to the right people is the driving idea behind EPC Planners. Bringing ideal candidates to companies looking to hire Project Controls is his way of giving back to the Project Controls community.  


Meet Jim Blevins, President

EPC Planners is pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Blevins to President.  Jim brings in over 30 years of Project Controls experience and leadership.  He leaves his position as Vice President for a Project Management Consulting firm where he led many independent project reviews, implemented project controls best practices for clients, facilitated project management training, identified candidates for project controls and estimating positions and led several project services and controls teams for owner organizations. 


Previously he worked on the EPC Contractor side supporting multiple engineering and construction projects throughout the United States, Europe, Middle East and the Caribbean.  He held multiple positions including key roles such as Manager of Project Controls, Project Services Manager, Planner, Scheduler, Cost Specialist and Quantity Surveyor.    


Throughout his career, Jim has been active in many industry associations including his Board positions at AACE and CII.  He also is a 3-term alumni of ECC and frequently mentors and coaches project controls professionals. 


"I'm very excited to take on this role and look forward to working with the team at EPC Planners to help project controls professionals find rewarding careers.  I also am looking forward to helping projects be successful through our consulting services and outsourcing options." 

EPC Planners Local Representatives

EPC Planners Local Representatives are located across the globe, and each one has the same purpose: Understanding the local Project Controls talent and match candidates with the opportunities they deserve.

All EPC Planners Local Representatives are experienced Project Controls experts with a track record of success in their area. These Local Representatives provide easy access for Project Controls professionals to discuss their experience to help us gain an understanding of who they are and what the right opportunity is for them. In addition to understanding local talent, EPC Planners Local Representatives work with local companies and projects to bring them the Project Controls talent they need.

The global reach of EPC Planners also brings international opportunities to local candidates looking to work outside of their local area. 

This proactive approach to staffing allows EPC Planners to present the right candidates for any Project Controls role in 24-48 hours. We don’t look for people to fill job openings, EPC Planners looks for the right opportunity for the talent we believe in. This approach makes hiring the right Project Controls professional fast and easy for any company.


See all of our Local Representatives on our Locations page. 

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